Quick Answer: Do Actuaries Make Good Money?

Since fully qualified actuaries can make $150,000+ annually, most people would probably consider actuaries to make good money.

But it really depends on your definition of good money.

Consider the actuarial salary compared to the amount of effort it takes to become an actuary.

What type of Actuaries get paid the most?

The highest paid actuaries are usually Chief Actuaries, Partner/Principal level actuaries, investment actuaries, lead consultants, CXO’s, actuaries that own their own firm and other types of actuaries with highly specialized skills that are in high demand.

How long does it take to become an actuary?

For most people, it takes between 7 and 10 years to become a fully qualified actuary. Aspiring actuaries in Canada and the U.S. typically spend between 3 and 5 years getting a bachelor’s degree and about 7-8 years passing all ten actuarial exams.

Are Actuaries paid well?

Actuaries are well compensated. Experienced fellows have the potential to earn from $150,000 to $250,000 annually, and many actuaries earn more than that. Compensation may vary significantly according to years of experience, industry, geographic region, and responsibilities.

How much do actuaries make out of college?

How much do Actuaries Make? Becoming an actuary takes a lot of work, but the payoff can be great. The salary for an actuary can vary anywhere from $50,000 per year to upwards of $150,000 per year. Salaries vary based on geographic location, level of experience and the type of work the actuary is doing.