Do You Have To Pay Tax On Airtasker?

In Summary.

If you earn less than $75,000 a year you will not need to register for GST.

However as the money earned via Airtasker is an income, it needs to be included on your tax return.

*If you’re regularly completing tasks and earning money, this is an enterprise – even if it’s not a business.

What fees does Airtasker charge?

While it’s free to sign up to the platform, Airtasker will take a 15% service fee for each task completed. For instance, if a Job Poster offers $100 to complete a task and accepts your $100 bid, before the money is paid into your bank account Airtasker will take a $15 fee.

Is Airtasker GST free?

Goods and Services Tax applies at the rate of 10% on the supply of most goods and services. Once you are registered for GST, you will need to collect GST on every supply you make to customers. In practice, this means that 10% of every fee you receive will be GST.

Do I need ABN for Airtasker?

If you are an Airtasker worker, you are in business as a self employed person. You aren’t employed by Airtasker. That means you must have an ABN. H&R Block can help you get an ABN.

How do Airtasker payments work?

Airtasker Pay is our payment system that ensures payment protection for Taskers and a seamless, secure way to get local tasks completed for Posters. The Tasker completes the task and requests payment. The Poster releases the payment and the Tasker receives it in their nominated bank account within 3-5 business days.