Quick Answer: How Can I Get A Good Job Without A Degree?

10 Best Jobs Without a Four-Year College Degree

  • Administrative Assistant. AAGAMIA / The Image Bank / Getty Images.
  • Appliance Repairer. When you have appliances, they break.
  • Carpenter.
  • Computer Support Specialist.
  • Dental Hygienist.
  • Electrician.
  • Medical Records and Health Information Technician.
  • Paralegal and Legal Assistant.

What jobs pay the most without a degree?

Highest paying jobs you can get without a college degree

  1. Chemical plant and system operators.
  2. Insurance appraisers, auto damage.
  3. Police and sheriff’s patrol officers.
  4. Aircraft mechanics and service technicians.
  5. Locomotive engineers.
  6. Electrical and electronics installers and repairers, transportation equipment.
  7. Locomotive firers.
  8. Railroad conductors and yardmasters.

How can I make good money without a degree?

List of Six-Figure Jobs That Don’t Require a College Degree

  • Real Estate Broker. Although being a real estate agent requires a license, interested applicants only need a high school diploma to apply.
  • Air Traffic Controller.
  • Freelance Writer.
  • Small Business Owner.
  • Fire Chief.
  • Virtual Assistant.
  • Construction Manager.
  • Plumber.

What careers pay well with little schooling?

High-Paying, Fast-Growing Careers That Require Little Schooling

  1. Dental Hygienist.
  2. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer.
  3. Registered Nurse.
  4. Web Developer.
  5. Respiratory Therapist.
  6. Cardiovascular Technologist.
  7. Electrician.
  8. Plumber.

Can you be successful without a degree?

People with college degrees, consensus shows, generally earn more money over the course of their careers. You can enjoy a rewarding, successful career without college education. Make no mistake, job searching without a college degree can be challenging.

What is the best paying easiest job?

What Constitutes an Easy Job That Pays Well?

  • Welder.
  • Optician.
  • Graphic Designer.
  • Garbage or Recycling Collector.
  • Medical Transcriptionist.
  • Massage Therapist.
  • Long-Haul Truck Driver.
  • Public Transit Operator. There aren’t too many easy jobs that pay well without experience or prior training, but this one typically does.

What jobs pay over 100k without a degree?

Jobs Paying Over $100K, On Average, With Only 2 to 4 Years of College

  1. Information Technology Manager.
  2. Marketing Manager.
  3. Sales Manager.
  4. Human Resources Manager.
  5. Purchasing Manager.
  6. Air Traffic Controller.
  7. Medical or Health Services Manager.
  8. Computer Network Architect.

What are fun jobs that pay well?

Top 10 Fun Jobs That Pay Well

  • Private Island Caretaker. Fun factors—Soak up the sun, go on adventures, and pretend that it’s your very own island.
  • Ethical Hacker.
  • Ferrari Driving Instructor.
  • Video Game Designer.
  • Fortune Cookie Writer.
  • Hollywood Stunt Person.
  • Toy Designer.
  • Sommelier.

What is a 7 figure salary?

7 Figures means more than 1,000,000 …. So anything over $1 million to 9,999,999 a year is a seven figure salary. 8 Figure income means more than 10,000,000.

What careers make a lot of money?

Here are the 25 best-paying jobs, according to Glassdoor:

  1. Physician. Median base salary: $180,000.
  2. Lawyer. Median base salary: $144,500.
  3. R&D manager. Median base salary: $142,120.
  4. Software development manager. Median base salary: $132,000.
  5. Pharmacy manager.
  6. Strategy manager.
  7. Software architect.
  8. Integrated circuit designer engineer.

What is the easiest degree to get?

5 of the Easiest Online Bachelor’s Degrees

  • Computer Science. A computer science or programming degree is one of the most intuitive online bachelor’s degrees.
  • Business Administration. Business administration is one of the most popular online degree programs.
  • Nursing.
  • Education.
  • Accounting.

What jobs can I do from home without a degree?

10 Work-from-Home Jobs That Don’t Require a College Degree

  1. Customer Service. In the past, companies like Hilton and even Apple have put the call out for remote workers to provide customer support via phone calls or online chatting.
  2. Telemarketing.
  3. Data entry.
  4. Virtual assistant.
  5. Translation/Interpreter.
  6. Web developer.
  7. Claims Adjuster.
  8. Web search evaluator.

What is the easiest medical job to get?

You can also check out the top 10 highest-paying medical careers that require at least a master’s degree.

  • Biomedical Engineer.
  • Dental Hygienist.
  • Ultrasound Technician.
  • Radiologic Technologist.
  • Dietitian or Nutritionist.
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant.
  • Physical Therapist Assistant.