Question: How Do I Buy Treasury Bonds?

You can buy Treasury bonds directly from the U.S. Treasury or through a bank, broker, or dealer.

  • Buying Directly From the U.S. Treasury.
  • Submit a Bid in TreasuryDirect.
  • Payments and Receipts in TreasuryDirect.
  • Buying Through a Bank, Broker, or Dealer.

15 Nov 2016

Are Treasury bonds a good investment?

The Bottom Line. Treasury bills won’t necessarily make you rich but they can be a good way to add some conservative investments to your portfolio. If a lot of your cash is tied up in riskier bets like stocks or mutual funds, T-bills can balance things out without requiring a long-term commitment.22 Jul 2019

Can I buy government bonds?

Buying Government Bonds: Treasuries

Treasury Yield Curve. The U.S. Treasury has made buying Treasury bonds easy for U.S. investors by offering the bonds through their website, Treasury Direct. Some investors may also be able to invest in Treasuries through their bank or local Federal Reserve.25 Jun 2019

How do I buy bonds?

How to Buy Bonds

  1. Through the U.S. Treasury Department. You can buy new Treasury bonds online by visiting Treasury Direct.
  2. Through a brokerage. Most online brokerages sell Treasury bonds, corporate bonds and municipal bonds.
  3. Through a mutual fund or an exchange-traded fund (ETF).

11 Feb 2019

How do I sell my treasury bonds?

Selling Treasury Bills. You can hold Treasury bills until they mature or sell them before they mature. To sell a bill you hold in TreasuryDirect or Legacy Treasury Direct, first transfer the bill to a bank, broker, or dealer, then ask the bank, broker, or dealer to sell the bill for you.29 Dec 2016