How Do I Get A Government Grant To Start A Small Business?

Can you get a grant to start a business?

No Startup Grants, but Loans Are Another Matter

If you’re looking for money to fund your startup or for expansion, the SBA does offer many loan programs for small business.

Additionally, these funds are at lending rates lower than you’d be able to get without SBA assistance.

Where can I get a grant to start a small business?

The Top Small Business Grants in 2019

  • Small Business Innovation Research Program.
  • Small Business Technology Transfer Program.
  • Rural Business Enterprise Grant.
  • FedEx Small Business Grant.
  • Eileen Fisher Grant for Women.
  • Chase Mission Main Street Grant.
  • Visa Everywhere Initiative.
  • LendingTree’s Small Business Grant Contest.

How do I get free money to start a business?

Ways to Raise Money for Your New Business

  1. Tap Personal Savings. Tapping your own piggy bank is the easiest way to finance a small business.
  2. Sell Personal Assets.
  3. Use Credit Cards.
  4. Borrow Against Your Home.
  5. Take Out a Bank Loan.
  6. Cash in Retirement Accounts.
  7. 7(a) Loan Program.
  8. Microloans.

Are there free government grants?

Government grant applications and information about them are free. The only official access point for all federal grant-making agencies is There are no fees associated with applying for a government grant.