How Do You Discuss Salary In HR?

With that in mind, here are five things that HR wishes you knew (and did) when it comes to salary negotiation:

  • Be Reasonable in Your Request. Do your homework.
  • Demonstrate Why You’re Worth It.
  • Know Your Company’s Compensation Philosophy.
  • Know the Decision-Makers.
  • Know That Money Isn’t Everything, and Know What Else You Want.

How do I renegotiate my salary?

5 Tips to Renegotiate Your Salary

  1. Measure your value: One of the most frequent mistakes that employees make is that they use competing job openings in order to determine their value.
  2. View your employer’s perspective:
  3. Draw out a logical argument:
  4. You’re in control if you make your boss feel in control:
  5. Use time to your advantage:

How do you talk about salary?

Here are three factors to consider before you start discussing salary during the interview process.

  • Avoid salary talk during the courtship.
  • Don’t imply that money is your sole motivator.
  • 3. Make sure you leave room for negotiation.
  • Get your figures right.
  • Present a solid case when discussing salary.

How do you negotiate a higher starting salary?

When it comes to negotiating a starting salary, here are my eight recommendations:

  1. Fully understand the job.
  2. Educate yourself on the company.
  3. Arm yourself with salary information.
  4. Know your strengths and differentiators.
  5. Determine how much you’d like to make.
  6. Decide on an appropriate salary range.