How Do You Say No To A Guy Who Asks You Out?

Just say no.

  • Don’t make excuses. You don’t need to lie. Unless it’s true, don’t tell him that you’re in a relationship.
  • Be straight forward, and polite. Say something like, “You seem like a nice guy, but I just don’t like you that way.
  • Keep it short. You don’t need to give a long-winded rejection just to seem nice.

What to do if someone asks you out?

Part 1 Saying Yes

  1. Be positive and simple. Let your sentence be well thought-out and avoid beating around the bush.
  2. Try practicing the conversation.
  3. Practice positive body language.
  4. Build confidence.
  5. Stay strong if you begin to falter.
  6. Follow up with him if you didn’t say the right thing.
  7. Clarify his intentions.

How do you reject a guy nicely?

Method 1 Rejecting Someone You Know

  • Prepare yourself.
  • Don’t put it off.
  • Do it in person.
  • Prepare them for what you’re about to say.
  • Be honest but kind.
  • Give them time to process it.
  • Stay strong and don’t give in.
  • Don’t end the conversation on a sour note.

How do you respond when a guy asks you out?

Your exact response depends on his question. Think about what exactly he is asking you to do, and accept his request if you feel comfortable with it. If he asks you to a specific event, all you need to do is agree to go. If he asks you to a dance, for instance, just smile and say, “Yes, I’d love to.”

How do you reject a date over text?

Possible reasons for turning down a date

  1. Busyness. If a girl rejects to have a date with you, there can be a very simple explanation to it – she has more important things to do.
  2. Lack of desire.
  3. Lack of attraction.
  4. Relationship.
  5. Don’t say maybe if you mean no.
  6. Straightforwardness, not cruelty.
  7. Don’t lie.
  8. Compliment him.