Quick Answer: Can You Kiss In Malaysia?

KL is widely recognised for numerous landmarks, including Petronas Twin Towers (the world’s tallest twin skyscrapers), Petaling Street flea market, and Batu Caves, which is over 400 million years old..

Is PDA allowed in Malaysia?

Most Malaysians, however, regardless of age, agree that excessive physical intimacy should be kept private. Haslina Jalaluddin, who works as a general manager in a telco, says excessive PDA is “totally unnecessary”.

Can you hold hands in Kuala Lumpur?

While public affection between partners is normal in Western society, it is considered inappropriate in Malaysia. In fact, it is not uncommon to see signs in public places that forbid it. A small hand hold or kiss on the cheek is fine, but avoid too much kissing, hugging and touching in public places.

Can I wear shorts in Malaysia?

While it is preferable to wear pants in Kuala Lumpur, it is fine to wear skirts and shorts. Just don’t wear “short shorts” or mini skirts. Mid-thigh shorts and skirts are generally sufficient. The worst thing that could happen is that you will a few looks from the locals.

Is dating allowed in Malaysia?

Casual dating is very much accepted by most, except the very very conservative. It’s understood these days that social interaction is a given. However, pre-marital sex is still very much taboo, and I would say the (slight) majority of Malay-Muslims (moreso the women) do not engage in such until marriage.

But (as far as I’m aware), there are no laws against kissing in public and it’s not unusual by any means. … If by “kissing in public” you meant kissing others cheek-to-cheek as a common form of greeting (as is customary in some other countries), then no, the cheek kiss is not a typical way to greet others in the USA.

Which language is spoken in Malaysia?

MalayMalaysia/Official languages

What is the main food in Malaysia?

To help narrow your choices here are 40 of Malaysia’s top dishes, in no particular order.Mee goreng mamak. Mee goreng mamak. … Apam balik. This is the ultimate Malaysian pancake. … Nasi kerabu. … Ayam percik (chicken with percik sauce) … Nasi lemak. … Roti john. … Rendang (beef, chicken or lamb) … Kuih.More items…•

Is kissing in public a crime in Malaysia?

The short answer is yes – Acts of public indecency will get you in trouble with the law. … Most laws require you to have been indecent with intention for another person to see it, as stated in Section 509 of the Penal Code and Section 28(e) of Minor Offences Act 1955.

Can you hold hands in Malaysia?

Public displays of affection are frowned upon Which is why it’s rare to see Malaysian couples engage in anything more intimate than holding hands in public. Even an innocent peck on the cheek is considered noteworthy.

What countries is it illegal to kiss in public?

You definitely don’t want to mess around in Dubai, where kissing in public is illegal….According to Chinese custom, public displays of affection (PDA) are not the norm and are generally considered taboo.University of Zimbabwe. telegraph.co.uk. … Catholic Mass around the world. … Qatar. … India. … Indonesia. … Thailand.

What is considered rude in Malaysia?

Pointing with the finger is considered rude in Malaysia so directions are often given using an open hand or using the thumb. It is also considered rude to sit opposite a host with your legs crossed (especially for women).

What is PDA sexually?

Public displays of affection (P.D.A.) are acts of physical intimacy in the view of others.

Is holding hands in public bad?

Most people will agree that holding hands and occasional tender touches or glances are better ways to show your affection than groping. Here are some basic rules for public displays of affection: … Touching: It’s almost always okay to hold hands with someone, unless it’s awkward, dangerous, or impedes traffic.

What’s Malaysia famous for?

35 Most Popular Things to Do in MalaysiaPetronas Twin Tower. Petronas Twin Towers is one of Malaysia’s most famous landmarks. … Kuala Lumpur City Center Park. Kuala Lumpur City Center Park is located below Petronas Twin Towers. … Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. … Bukit Bintang (Bintang Walk) … Kek Lok Si Temple. … Langkawi Cable Car. … Batu Caves. … Redang Island.More items…