Weekly Roundup for August 28, 2017

Last week was a crazy week for me personally, as I was out of the office almost the entire week in CLE’s and mediation.

But you don’t care about that.

What you might care about is that I started a Pinterest Page on the recommendation of Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation. He interviewed Rosemarie Groner from The Busy Budgeter on his podcast about how she was able to exponentially grow her blog traffic using Pinterest, and her tips and advice made a lot of sense to me. Granted, it has been at least a couple years since that episode aired, so the strategy she discussed may be a bit outdated, but I figured they had a lot of low-risk/high reward ideas that wouldn’t take long to implement, so it would be worth the effort.

Here are some of the other blog posts I came across this week that I thought would be helpful to you, the reader: